Listed among the top California drug rehabs, Northbound has won several awards, accolades, and positive reviews from alumni clients for its unsurpassed addiction treatment services. We specialize in treating dual diagnosis conditions and equip recovering addicts with the essential skills necessary for a sober life in the long term. Here's why recovering addicts choose us for drug addiction treatment:

  • Customized Therapies

Unlike other co-occurring addiction treatment centers, we create tailored recovery plans for each patient after a thorough physical and mental health exam. We take the time to understand the addiction history of each patient and their psychiatric symptoms to design a treatment plan fit for addressing their needs and recovery goals. Creating customized mental health and substance use recovery plans helps our clients garner the best outcome in recovery.

  • Focus On Underlying Mental Health Issues

Our mental health experts and psychiatrists go to great lengths to understand the root cause of substance abuse in clients. In over 60% of cases, addiction arises from an underlying mental disorder like depression, borderline personality disorder, schizophrenia, etc. Identifying the root cause of an addiction condition can help address it precisely using the right mix of therapies and medications. Also, it can prevent relapse in the long term. Our co-occurring disorder treatment has helped recovering addicts lead sober, emotionally stable, and psychologically fulfilling lives after rehab.

  • Personalized Care And Support

We have a highly skilled rehab team who work around-the-clock to monitor patients during rehab. Our clinical staff manages the withdrawal symptoms in the early stages of recovery using medications and counseling and helps recovering addicts have a pain-free recovery.

  • Continuum Of Care

We want to support our clients in every stage of their recovery journey. Our facility offers the best inpatient, outpatient, IOP, partial hospitalization, medical detox, and ongoing care programs. We stand by our clients at each phase of their dual diagnosis addiction treatment and ensure they feel encouraged and supported throughout their recovery. We also help our clients find sober homes for alumni clients and offer excellent teletherapy programs for those who cannot make it to our treatment center regularly.

  • Evidence-Based Therapies And Holistic Treatments

Our approach to treating substance use and co-occurring mental disorders involves advanced science-based therapies alongside holistic methods. We use a combination of science-based and nature-centric programs that allows our clients to garner the best treatment outcome. It also helps them achieve lasting success with sobriety.

  • Excellent Aftercare Programs

Aftercare is an essential part of our addiction treatment process. The program is key to strengthening our clients' commitment to sobriety in the long term. We offer the best continuing care programs where our therapists meet with recovering addicts periodically and monitor their progress in recovery. These sessions help our alumni clients share their healing journey, accomplishments, and challenges with our therapists and receive valuable advice and guidance.

Call 866-311-0003 to get started on your journey towards sobriety. While recovery may feel like a far cry, Northbound can help you work towards sobriety one day at a time. Join one of the leading California drug rehabs before addiction takes your life. Get in touch with us now.

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