Cassidy Okoye


Cassidy Okoye, Infusion Fitness Owner and Coach

Cassidy is the owner of Infusion Fitness and has a dynamic background in multiple sports and martial arts. He is a certified personal trainer through the National Academy Of Sports Medicine (NASM) who has been the leading authority in certification, continuing education, solutions and tools for health and fitness, sports performance, and sports medicine professionals. Incorporating those attributes into each and every training session that he provides to his clients.

Cassidy has continued his education to become a Fitness Nutritional Specialist (FNS) to provide even more attributes for his clients in the health and fitness industry. Being a trainer now for just over 10 years and having a facility going on 7 years, he has the experience for all types of training be it, sports performance, rehabilitation, general fitness or weight loss.

Cassidy was born in Winnipeg, when he was 5 years old his family moved to Leeds, England. He joined a competitive gymnastics program, played soccer, ran track and field and played in a rugby union league. Representing Leeds, Yorkshire in competition and going up against all the other counties in England for gymnastics, he knows what it's like to go up against fierce competition.

His family moved back to Canada when he was 12 and he continued to play soccer, ran track and field for a little but decided to start martial arts as he has always had an interest in it. Starting with a traditional background in Kung FU and Hapkido then progressing into boxing, kickboxing, Muay Thai, wrestling, and jiu-jitsu. He moved to Kamloops from the lower mainland after graduating high school a year early, turning 17 on the day he walked the stage to receive his diploma and decided to move to continue his education at Thompson Rivers University.

Deciding to stay in Kamloops loving the community spirit he thought it was the perfect place to start his career as a professional fitness expert. Cassidy started Infusion Fitness in 2008, working at other gyms and facilities, he grew the business enough to be blessed to be able to in 2011 open up his own facility in Sahali and in 2017 the stars lined up once again, moving locations and expanding to a downtown location where Infusion Fitness currently resides.

Cassidy is always updating, learning new techniques and educating himself to stay on top of all the new health and fitness trends as the fitness industry is always evolving and he is always trying to evolve with it.



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