Circus classes Denver

If you have ever visited the circus or a Cirque performance you may have been awestruck by the aerial routines. The incredible strength, beauty and agility of the performers is something that is quite unique. Aerial dancers are suspended high above the ground as they perform some of the most difficult and dangerous moves. You don’t need to sit in the audience anymore! You can learn all of these techniques with circus classes in Denver.

Circus Classes in Denver

At Aerial Cirque Over Denver we offer a wide variety of circus classes in Denver. While you probably won’t be joining the circus, circus classes in Denver offer a unique and interesting workout that includes strength training, flexibility and balance. You’ll learn how to use all types of apparatus to perform various tricks and poses while suspended in the air.

Circus classes in Denver begin with basic training. You’ll start out in one of our beginner classes. These are designed to teach you important skills that you will use later as you graduate to harder courses. You’ll also learn how to use the various pieces of equipment that are part of aerial performances.

Basic Aerial Skills

Our aerial basics class offers the perfect introduction to learning about aerial dance. You will gain knowledge about every type of apparatus including silks, trapeze, sling and hoop. As you learn the basics you’ll be developing your strength and flexibility to prepare you for more advanced classes. The aerial workout class is for all skill levels. It is a fun way to learn aerial dance skills while improving your upper body strength.

The mixed level skills class is for beginners through advanced. It utilizes a silk that is suspended from the ceiling. You will learn how to dance in the air. The classes are organized by skill set so you will be grouped with others who are about the same level as yourself.

Events and Camps

In addition to our scheduled classes we also offer a selection of events and camps throughout the year. Our workshops and events are specially designed to provide basic instructions so you can try some of the easy aerial moves. These events focus on fun and on balance and agility. Family workshops and parent’s night out are an ideal way to introduce younger children and pre-teens to aerial dance.

If you are interested in seeing what we do, come to our showcase. Our showcase is where our students perform their routines or their parents and audience members. You can also rent our studio for special events and parties. Parties include an hour and a half of aerial dance with private instruction from one of our professionals. You and your guests can use the apparatus such as the aerial silks, trapeze and hoops. The studio has a space where you can enjoy cake and presents.

Whether you are new to aerial dance or want to hone your skills, our studio is the best place to come. Visit our website at to learn more about our exciting classes and events.



Circus classes Denver