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Working out physically is no longer just about aesthetics. Yes, it still gives the benefit of looking good. But exercise is not all about keeping fit and healthy for people from all walks of life. Nowhere is this so evident as at Griffins Boxing & Fitness. With such important raison d’etre for going to the gym, Griffins made sure it has the best trainors, facilities, and system. With all these, it has no doubt become the best gym in North Vancouver.

Perhaps the best part about joining Griffins is not just the diversity of people who are all on a journey to getting fit. They have come with one goal, and Griffins responds with one method: to make everyone have fun while reaching for their goal. As such, our place has surpassed that of being merely a gym. We have become a thriving and growing community.

Top Coaches

At any stage in life, you need that someone who will push you to do more. Sometimes, we think we have reached our limit. But a coach sees where you can go, what you can do, if you will only reach a bit more, extend yourself a bit more. But more often than not, people stop just before they get their breakthrough.

Griffins made you sure well-trained, certified, and only the best trainers and coaches are available for you. They have studied years to make sure you will be safe as you push your body to get in better shape and be healthier. On top of that, they have the expertise that only years of experience could give.

Excellent Facilities

Though Griffins just keeps on growing, our place does not feel congested at all. It boasts of 12,000 square feet of space, big enough to accommodate everyone. There are enough punching and training bags that are placed with ample space between each one. Coaches and trainees have enough space to move around as they focus on their heavy bags, even if all the heavy bags get used all at the same time. There is even a huge space in between the long line of heavy bags where people could do jump ropes or practice the basic jabs.

One finds the boxing ring on the other side of the heavy bags. All over the upper part of the walls are photos of famous boxers, meant to motivate people. If it is your first time to get into boxing as exercise, don’t worry where to get the equipment. It is all available at the store by the entrance of the Griffins.

In another section of the gym, you can find the speedballs lined up right where the free weights are located up against the wall. While boxers look lean, they also use resistance training to make the muscles stronger. This explains why one whole area is dedicated to free weights – an essential part of completing your boxing workout.

The spacious gym and its excellent layout allow people to work out simultaneously and not have the feeling that the place is crowded. No wonder Griffins is known as the best gym in North Vancouver. The best is to check it out and see it for yourself.

Gym North Vancouver

Griffins Boxing & Fitness


Gym North Vancouver

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