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We know 2020 wasn’t exactly the best year for physical activities, so now it’s time to find that ideal gym in Palm Springs and finally achieve that dreamed body. As gyms begin to open in Palm Springs, we highly encourage you to enter the fitness wave and conquer that healthy life you’ve always wanted.

Whether you are looking for a chill exercise routine or you want to experience a more extreme workout, we guarantee that The Strength Code has what you need. There’s no other place among Palm Springs, CA gyms as the one you are set to discover.

Slow Motion – High Intensity: 30-minute workouts?

What has made The Strength Code Palm Desert so popular among fitness enthusiasts is the Slow Motion – High-Intensity strength training they apply within their routines. The health professionals working there are aware that each body needs a particular method to optimize their physical abilities, so they have designed a science-based program that suits everyone.

According to these experts, the body tissue that takes all the hits from the workouts needs around 5 to 7 days to recover from any exercise fully. Following such recommendations and through personalized protocols, these 30-minute workouts seek to apply an optimal stimulus to the muscle fibers. And you only are meant to do it once a week!

The ultimate goal for this particular type of training is to boost your body’s metabolism and optimize physical results to the largest extent possible. As such results are measured weekly, and a 30-minute routine is possible for almost every person alive, no matter how busy, they believe this is the greatest and easiest way to succeed in the fitness world.

A one-to-one experience

You might be feeling skeptical about the methodology used by The Strength Code, but they haven’t got the fame of being the best fitness studio in Palms Springs for free. They have developed a program where you only workout in a private session with a fitness professional that will guide you through the process, ensuring you are achieving your maximum potential. 

Each member of the center has a detailed follow-through data chart of all the progress achieved. The experts will thoroughly analyze this progress to look for any possible improvements according to the member’s specific body type, age, and gender. All the routines are focused on increasing the member’s strength while considering their individual situation.

Introduction for non-believers

Many of the long-term members of The Strength Code started their training out of pure curiosity for the methodology. A majority of them weren’t convinced about its effectiveness, but they never left the center after a few sessions. 

Among these know-satisfied members, the results show an overall increase in bone density, better cardiovascular health, lower abdominal fat, and improved flexibility. These are just a few benefits from engaging in this groundbreaking technique that it’s currently being applied throughout the country and that you can experience right away at The Strength Code.

If you are still skeptical, the center offers every new member a special package of two sessions for only 50$. This package includes an introductory session where the experts teach the key aspects of the routine (such as a proper breathing rhythm and a healthy diet regime) and a second session where you experience first-hand this method and its potential. Afterward, you can keep your membership for a monthly fee of 325$.

Don’t wait any longer and start working on yourself this 2021 by contacting The Strength Code if you are ready to discover YOUR strong: 760-835-1145

Gyms In Palm Springs

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Gyms In Palm Springs

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