As one of the best rehab places in Florida, St. John’s Recovery Place offers access to the best rehab programs in the industry, personalized care, and numerous holistic healing modalities. There are many things that recommend us as unique in the rehab business, but there’s one in particular that all others emerge from – our team of professionals.

Our Florida addiction recovery centers operate under the guidance of the most complete and proficient recovery team you can find. Some of the core departments available at our center include:

  • The Executive team – The names included here are Michelle Smith, Catherine Anania, Bob Boutchyard, Kevin Bunn, Ian Greenfield, Jessica Kirkman, and Caitlyn Jones. They embody the heroic struggles that our staff go through to ensure our patients’ comfort, health, and safety during the treatment.
  • The Medical team – Dr. Sidd Arora works with Freddy Stewart, Joella Hall, and Kerstin McElvain to ensure the rehab program’s reliability and safety. They are in charge of the medical response team and work around the clock to assist those arriving at our luxury rehab centers in Florida.
  • The Nursing team – Our Nursing team comprises several reputed names like Daniel Jones, Sara Thomas, Claire Draper, Brittany Dickerson, Angela Hackney, Vianey Martinez, Veronica Medina, and Krystal Wright. The team’s job is to ensure our patients’ comfort, supervise the rehabilitation program, and assist patients through various daily activities. They represent the head of the spear at our alcohol treatment centers as they will be in contact with our clients 24/7.
  • The Admissions team – Here, we include Maxine Fox and Jessica Servello – Admissions Supervisor and Admissions coordinator. Their job consists of assessing the patients’ overall health, gather information about their situation, and helping them sign in the rehab treatment. Their vast experience in the field has provided them with a keen eye on assessing each situation based on its specifics.
  • The Clinical team – The Clinical team brings together an impressive variety of experts, proficient in holistic healing modalities like NeuroIntegration, therapy, counseling, etc. Those forming the team are Ryan Terry, Denny Kolsch, Regina Defranco, John Hill, Jessica Turner, Courtney Alston, Mari Perez, and Katelynn Depew. Our holistic programs have flourished under their guidance and continue to serve our patients to the highest quality standards.
  • The BHT team – Our Behavioral Health Technicians include Sheena Green, Shaneque Gamble, Tiffany Baker, Josephine Ranzie, Patty Kinard, Jessica Frank, Erica Rainey. Their role is to help patients undergoing drug addiction rehab in Florida navigate their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. They are some of the priceless assets of our Florida drug treatment, thanks to their support, expertise, and professionalism.
  • The Outreach team – Matthew Seaman and Missy Simpson are in charge of the Business Development and Business Development & Billing sectors.

If you’re ready to join our drug and alcohol rehabilitation in FL, our professionals are at your disposal for contact. You can speak to our St. John’s Recovery Place professionals at 833-397-3422 if you want to check our rehab places in Florida, find information about insurance coverage, and prepare for rehab.

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