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We at Infusion Fitness are committed to helping you achieve optimal results and maintain consistent progress toward your goals! To achieve this, and to ensure the safety of all our members, we encourage all new members to complete a FREE Consultation upon joining the gym.

What is a Fitness Consultation?

A Fitness Consultation is a 60-minute meeting with a trained Fitness Professional, during this meeting the Fitness Professional will review your medical and exercise history, and perform a Fitness/Movement Assessment to establish your baseline fitness level.

The fitness professional will then be able to:

  • Help you establish realistic goals and set priorities
  • Discuss steps you can take toward achieving your goals
  • Make fitness recommendations.

A fitness professional does NOT diagnose medical conditions, or serve as a medical exam.

What Happens during a Fitness Consultation?

Your fitness professional will perform a Fitness/Movement Assessment, which is a series of comprehensive tests and measurements that will help determine your baseline fitness level. The fitness Professional will start by measuring your resting heart rate, body composition, tape-measure circumferences, and cardio-respiratory efficiency.

Next, you will be asked to perform a series of simple movement tests that will measure strength, endurance, flexibility, agility, stability, balance, alignment, and other dynamic functions. Your results will be kept on file so you can monitor your progress by repeating the same tests at regular intervals and comparing your scores.

What are the benefits of a Fitness Consultation?

  • Serves as an effective motivational tool
  • Enables you to set realistic, measurable, time-based goals
  • Provides an objective way to measure your progress
  • Aids you in selecting a personal trainer who will be the best match for your goals, abilities, limitations, and learning style
  • Helps your personal trainer design a safe, efficient workout program
  • Rewards you with positive reinforcement as you monitor your improvement


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