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    At Infusion Fitness  we incorporate postural correction, flexibility, strength and stability training. Our main focus is to restore functional movement, circulation, joint mobility and muscle elasticity. Programs have been used after specific injuries, or with muscle diseases, arthritic conditions, diabetes, scoliosis, kyphosis, osteoporosis, post fracture, pre/post surgery, joint replacements, leg length discrepancy and various conditions such as arthritis, fibromyalgia and carpal tunnel syndrome.

    We use methods of assisted stretching, corrective/stabilization exercises, and education to promote performance, muscle rehabilitation and repair. Affected tissues are carefully lengthened through a gentle, short duration style of assisted stretching that is synchronized with proper breathing. Through progressively increasing range of motion and returning natural movement, we are able to release tension, lengthen connective tissue and effect vascular and lymphatic circulation. Corrective exercises are used to restore correct (not necessarily previous) biomechanical function.

    Programs are also used to develop specific muscle stability and promote both core and local joint stamina. Functional movement exercises are used to re-educate the neuromuscular system and safely integrate the new body position and movement patterns.

    This has been a proven system to help assist with injuries while also helping to prevent other injuries from occurring.


    When you’re in the process of recovery the thought of active rehabilitation and exercise can be pretty daunting. We employ a gentle yet effective approach of active rehabilitation techniques, corrective exercise, and education.

    Our methods are designed to restore movement and circulation to the muscles, joints, and fascia without further aggravation to the symptomatic areas. Taking into account each joint, its movements and the muscles that generate those movements, we offer safe and effective methods to increase mobility, flexibility, and stability.

    One of our areas of focus is to help educate and encourage clients to become active in their personal healthcare. We provide practical options aimed to help you remove the need for ongoing therapy.


    Poor postural alignment can play a major role in many painful musculoskeletal conditions. When the skeletal structures are misaligned the resulting muscular imbalances can lead to wear and tear and joint degeneration. Misalignments can also affect the performance of other bodily functions such as circulation, digestion, and breathing. Improving posture can correct the misalignments that are a factor in pain-related conditions, help prevent joint damage, and provide a solid musculoskeletal foundation for the circulatory system and internal organs.

    Postural alignment therapy restores the body's correct anatomical position by utilizing specific stretches and functional exercises tailored to each individuals condition. The purpose is to realign the load-bearing joints of the body (shoulders, hips, knees, and ankles) and stabilize the postural muscles that are there to hold us in the correct body position.

    Correcting your posture may feel a little awkward at first because your body has become so used to operating incorrectly, but with a little bit of practice, good posture can become second nature. The benefits to overall health and wellbeing are well worth the effort.

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