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    As NASM Certified Personal Trainers at Infusion Fitness Kamloops, our Optimum Performance Training (OPT) model is the industry’s first comprehensive training system based on scientific, evidence-based research. It takes the guesswork out of our program design and helps us produce consistent and remarkable results for our clients.

    This systematic and integrated (total body) training, reconditioning and rehabilitation program incorporates Flexibility, Cardiorespiratory, Core, Balance, Power, and Strength. The OPT model focuses on integrated solutions for every fitness level. It’s proven successful in training, reconditioning and rehabilitating elite, college, and recreational athletes alike. It’s also been extremely successful in helping people decrease body fat, increase lean muscle mass, improve performance and overall health. In other words, it’s good for everybody. Our systematic approach to designing exercise programs can help anyone reach their fitness goals from beginners to professional athletes. We provide individual attention to help you reach your goal; from building muscles, losing weight, injury rehabilitation or just general fitness. Hiring a certified personal trainer is a way to train properly and efficiently while getting taught proper form and technique, which is one of the most important aspects to your individual fitness journey.

    We provide a semi private training atmosphere with just yourself and the trainer in the gym. Sessions are always one hour long with clients coming into the gym every 45 minutes. It has been proven that you will push yourself 60% harder and will get results 40% faster training with a personal trainer.

    If you don’t feel comfortable training by yourself that’s fine, up to 4 individuals in a group at a time with a trainer but you must provide the group and everyone works out to their own individual level of fitness.

    Individual sessions, Packages of 4, 8, or 12 are sold at the gym.

    24 hours notice cancellation fee

    Improve Your Probability of Success With A Personal Trainer

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